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L’arredo è stato completamente progettato da noi. È stata una bella avventura, che ci ha regalato grandi soddisfazioni. Abbiamo inventato un ambiente di lavoro a nostra misura, in cui ci troviamo bene e questa sensazione avvolge anche chi ospitiamo. C’è tanta luce e il bianco, abbinato al calore del legno chiaro, ricorda le case della Scandinavia. E giocando con la creatività cambiamo decori, tessuti e dettagli, che ad ogni stagione danno sensazioni diverse. Una sosta da noi potrà essere ogni volta una piacevole scoperta. Molte delle decorazioni che esponiamo sono acquistabili per ricreare a casa il ricordo di una sosta rilassante.

Hospitality is an important ingredient for us, and we try to maintain it in every tiny detail. The motto “A smile is the shortest path between two people” inspires our work, and we attempt  to make your break at Dawit a truly relaxing moment. The memories of a nice vacation include also the journey to and from home, and we hope to welcome you warmly every time you pass along our valley. 

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Interiors have been completely designed by us. It was a fascinating adventure, which has given us great satisfaction. We have created a pleasant and cozy working environment, which we enjoy every day while trying to transmit these feelings to our guests. There is a lot of light combined with the warmth of wood, reminiscent of Scandinavian houses' conviviality and the feelings of wellness. We love to reinvent our environment every season by changing the decorations, fabrics and tiny details. Each time it creates a feeling of novelty, which we experience ourselves while trying to astonish our guests.  Many of the decorations we exhibit can be purchased to recreate the atmosphere of charming coziness at home.



Croissants and pies, fresh bread prepared by our neighboring bakers with butter and jam, the original combinations of the big toasts, each time a different one. Then creamy yogurt with muesli and fresh fruits, our centrifuge made out of biological Sicilian oranges and the apples of Mr. Dejakum. And the special coffee blend created for Dawit by the artisans Fabrizio Polojaz and Corrado Bassanese from Trieste. Hot chocolate, which we propone even if it is not winter, and also the "extraordinary Thea's tea" ... We are proud to offer you the ideal breakfast menu, which can become the most important meal of your day. 



And then there is the rich selection of traditional Italian cured meats and cheeses. We propone several combinations or slice those you prefer, serving them with fragrant freshly baked bread and a variety of sauces and mustards to create perfect harmony! The various salads, with fresh nutrient seasonal vegetables, which provide the health benefits and preserve the environment. And the sandwiches, classic or toasted, you can always choose the ingredients you prefer. The ideal lunch in the middle of a journey or the ideal refreshment on the way back home after a vigorous day of sport. At Dawit, you find the Italian taste, prepared with great passion and care.

I migliori salumi, sempre diversi ed i formaggi della tradizione italiana, affettati al momento. Combinazioni scelte da noi o quelle che più preferite, accompagnate da salse e mostarde preparate su nostra ricetta, per creare un’armonia perfetta! E poi le insalate, con ingredienti che stupiscono ad ogni stagione. I panini, preparati con il pane fresco, tostati o classici: abbinamenti semplici o curiosi, oppure decisi da voi e secondo la vostra fantasia. Il lunch ideale di metà viaggio o il ristoro che precede il ritorno a casa dopo una salutare giornata di sport. Sempre pronto, a qualsiasi ora del giorno, con tutto il gusto italiano e con l’attenzione e la cura per lospite che è il nostro biglietto da visita.

Croissant e crostate, burro e marmellata, con il pane appena sfornato dai nostri vicini panettieri. E i grandi toast dagli abbinamenti originali, ogni volta uno diverso. Poi yogurt cremoso con müsli e macedonia e la nostra centrifuga con arance di Sicilia e le mele del signor Dejakum, senza coloranti, né zucchero, né conservanti. E il caffè progettato con la miscela pensata per noi da Fabrizio Polojaz e Corrado Bassanese, artigiani del caffè di Trieste. La cioccolata, che vi proponiamo anche se non è inverno, ed anche il “the speciale della signora Thea”. Siamo orgogliosi di proporvi il menù ideale per una colazione, che diventa il pasto più attivo della giornata.


You can’t go wrong: we are located right on the SS13. Stopping by won’t make your journey longer because the main street is next to the motorway, and you can renter it immediately. You’ll see by yourself that we are always worth a visit. Here are detailed directions: if coming from Italy, exit motorway A4 at Tarvisio and take the right towards the town. After the one-minute drive, you will see us on your right, on the roundabout. If coming from Austria or Slovenia, exit motorway A4 at Tarvisio and cross the town following the main road to Udine: we are on the second roundabout, on your left (approx. 3 km far from the motorway exit).


Dawit is surrounded by mountain landscapes and a lot of green space, which makes it an ideal place for a break within your journey. Here you can have a rest while getting some fresh air or do some movement on the open-air equipment, designed for those who have been driving for a long time. We are also organized and happy to welcome numerous groups with courtesy and efficiency. To guarantee you a flawless and fast service, we would gently ask you to book the arrival of the group by email: or just call us: +39 (0) 428 63012.

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